Travis Chappell Pays Podcast Creators Over $300K in 2022

Travis Chappell Pays Podcast Creators Over $300K in 2022
  • PublishedJune 7, 2022

Travis Chappell, CEO of Guestio, is shaking up the podcast industry with his announcement that his company has paid out over $300,000 to podcast creators so far this year, with more to come. Guestio, a celebrity booking marketplace that recently pivoted to focus on the podcast guest market, has taken a unique approach to redistribute profits by removing agency fees and redirecting funds to the creators. This marks a significant shift in traditional podcast practices where creators often pay to access the most prominent guests, and agencies take the bulk of their profits.

Chappell believes in paying creators for the value they bring to the table, recognizing the long-term effort that goes into building an audience. He aims to address the inequality of wealth distribution by providing a fairer system that values creators and their audiences.

“Some creators have made $100 on our platform while others have earned over $20,000. I believe paying the people who have built up their audience over time is our core differentiator,” Chappell said.

Guestio’s $300,000 payout is a significant milestone and an indication of the platform’s potential to become the industry leader for podcast and virtual stage bookings. Chappell’s long-term vision for Guestio is to pay creators almost 10x the amount raised during its 8-month pre-seed funding round of $1.3 million.

By putting creators first and prioritizing fair compensation, Guestio has set a new standard for the podcast industry. It’s not about bribing hosts to take bad guests; it’s about recognizing the value creators bring to the table and providing a platform that rewards them accordingly.

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