Travis Chappell Paves the Way for Web3 Innovators in Podcasting, Secures $300k for Creators

Travis Chappell Paves the Way for Web3 Innovators in Podcasting, Secures $300k for Creators
  • PublishedJune 7, 2022

In the current world, many people have adapted to working remotely, relying on technology, and being self-sufficient. One innovative technology that has gained popularity is podcasting, which has become a major source of entertainment and a vital tool for entrepreneurs to self-promote and build brand awareness. Even Web3 entrepreneurs are leveraging podcasts to showcase their blockchain-based innovations.

Despite the immense potential of podcasting, many content creators struggle to monetize their shows, with agencies and middlemen taking the lion’s share of profits. Travis Chappell, a successful podcaster, CEO, investor, and keynote speaker, knows firsthand the challenges of consolidating funding in the entrepreneurial space. He is determined to change the status quo and ensure that podcast creators are well compensated for their efforts.

To this end, Chappell launched Guestio Inc in 2021, a platform that connects content creators with the resources and connections they need to succeed, while removing the fees and hassle associated with podcasting. After identifying a need to expand his services, Chappell recently made strides towards introducing Web3 to the platform and secured a whopping $300,000 that could be paid to podcast creators. He has established Guestio as the only brand that truly values building great relationships with shows and is willing to pay them good money for it.

Chappell’s impressive achievements have not gone unnoticed. Guestio received generous investments from notable icons in podcasting, including retired NBA Champion Matt Barnes, John Lee Dumas (host of Entrepreneurs on Fire), CEO of Maropost Ross Paquette, and CEO of 100 Million Mastermind Joel Marion. With these investments, Chappell plans to further push for investments and recognizable names in Web3, incorporating discussions of blockchain and NFTs to generate additional value and attention for the brand. Ultimately, Chappell hopes to educate the industry on a new and cool concept where creators can monetize their hard work.

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