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5 Key Questions Aspiring Brokers Should Ask Before Choosing a Brokerage: Insights From Joshua Shull

5 Key Questions Aspiring Brokers Should Ask Before Choosing a Brokerage: Insights From Joshua Shull
  • PublishedJune 7, 2022

In the cut-throat world of real estate, it can be challenging to get a foothold and establish oneself as a significant player in the market. Choosing the right brokerage can make or break a budding broker’s career, but how does one know what to look for? In a recent video, industry leader Joshua Shull shared his insights on the five key questions aspiring brokers should ask before choosing a brokerage.

Shull Homes, founded by Shull himself in 2017, has been making waves in the real estate industry with its innovative marketing strategies and business model. Shull’s latest video focuses on the importance of choosing the right brokerage, and he offers valuable advice on what to consider before making a decision.

The first and most crucial question, according to Shull, is about commission splits. He advises brokers to ask what services the brokerage will provide and what benefits they can expect. Shull cautions against being enticed by a 100% commission split and suggests that brokers inquire about what the brokerage will do for them in return.

Shull also emphasizes the importance of marketing funding, mentorship programs, and educational courses to ensure agents retain their licenses. He suggests that brokers find out what marketing materials are included and whether the brokerage offers classes and brings in tutors.

Another key question to ask is about mentorship programs, which can be either positive or negative depending on the mentor’s intentions and the funds required from the broker. Shull advises brokers to find out the finer details of a brokerage’s scheme before signing up for it.

Finally, Shull highlights the importance of personal responsibility and suggests that brokers ask what is expected of them, especially concerning office working after the pandemic. Shull Homes has a collaborative workplace culture but does not require brokers to be present between certain hours, which may differ significantly between brokerages.

In conclusion, choosing the right brokerage is critical for aspiring brokers looking to establish themselves in the real estate industry. Joshua Shull’s insights on the five key questions to ask before making a decision can help brokers make an informed choice and set themselves up for success.

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